2021 Post Officers

Post President Readiness Committee
Rebecca Alvarez Emelia Brooks - Chair
Guy Engineering ALL Consulting
1st Vice President   Charles McComas
LTC Craig Bryant   ALL Consulting
USACE - Tulsa District  
  Communications Committee
Second Vice President Andres Becker
Ashley Allinder Guy Engineering
USACE - Tulsa District  
    David Epperly - Website
Secretary   ALL Consulting
Kim Jackson  
Benham Design   Misty Thurman - Emails
    BKL, Inc
Adam Smith   Amanda John
USACE - Tulsa District   Benham
Programs Committee   Anna Childers - Facebook
Clif Warren - Chair   Jacobs Engineering
Olsson & Associates   
  Awards and Streamers
  Cindy Gran - Volunteer Events Haley Rush
  Garver Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc
Education and Mentoring Committee Professional Growth
Kyle Marlay - Chair Dan Keithline
Keithline Engineering
Membership Fellows Committee
Anna Childers John Blickensderfer - Chair
Jacobs Engineering Guy Engineering
Scholarship   Robert Day
David Epperly   Cyntergy AEC
ALL Consulting  
    Earl Groves
Young Members   Retired - USACE - Tulsa District
Emmett Reedy - Chair  
Benham Design   Miro Kurka
    Mead & Hunt
Small Business Liason  
Loretta Turner - Chair   Loretta Turner
USACE - Tulsa District   USACE - Tulsa District
  John Roberts Student Chapter Liason
  A&M Engineering Anna Childers
  Jacobs Engineering
Past President  
Wade Anderson   Kyle Marlay
USACE - Tulsa District   QuickTrip


Tulsa Post of the Society of American Military Engineers

The mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to promote and facilitate engineering support for national security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers.